We are excited to welcome you to our Curriculum Summit in Asia on January 25-27, 2019! Below, please explore the individual sessions, and register for the sessions of your choice to design your own professional learning experience.

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Laurence Lee

Shanghai Singapore International School
Teacher of English and ESL
Shanghai, China
I am a teacher and a linguist from Australia now living in Shanghai, learning the ropes of being a member of the global community. My passion is in literacy and communicative fluency of all shapes and sizes. I currently teach English and ESL at Shanghai Singapore International School and have a black belt, along with a humble string of gold medals. 

Favorite quote, book, or educational story that explains something about you!  
“But then, that’s the beauty of writing stories - each one is an exploratory journey in search of a reason and a shape. And when you find that reason and that shape, there’s no feeling like it.”  T.C. Boyle